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A Look Into The Presidential Limousine

Limo One, arguably the worlds safest presidential limo, is no James Bond sci-fi fantasy. While its specs are not disclosed for security reasons, what can be said is how its got a pretty great deal of armor, equipment and prestige.

With Luxury Road Events, you get a little taste of how it is being driven around like the President of the United States. Their party buses may not be as armored as the presidential limo or equipped with the same gadgets, but they can provide complete safety and convenience for you, your family members and friends. Clients are treated with an unquestionable VIP service to events such as business meetings, corporate functions, formal events, wine tastings, brewery tours and more. It doesnt matter whether the need is for one person or a large group of guests. All requests can be accommodated.

American cars have been selected throughout history to transport the most important individual in the United States. A variety of them have been commissioned since the late 1930s, as implemented by the Federal Government. As for the current heavily armored vehicle, referred to by the Secret Service as The Beast, we know that it commenced service on January 20, 2009 in time for newly elected President Obama. General Motors handled the manufacturing, and its design was based on the previous limo during President Bushs time, the Cadillac DTS. Unlike its predecessor, however, this one doesnt carry a specific model name.

If you put a vehicle of standard production and The Beast side by side, theyre practically from two different planets. With regard to looks, its outward appearance does share a lot of current Cadillac styling themes, but its body displays a greatly modified version of the recent DTS-badged presidential cars. Its door handles, side mirrors and headlights all seem to have been sourced from the Escalade model, whereas its backup lights and taillights seem taken from the STS sedan.

A maximum of seven people can fit comfortably in Limo One, and at least three passengers are aboard at all times: Mr. President, the driver and the lead Secret Service protective agent. In the back, there are four additional seats, with one spot next to Mr. President and the other three being rearward-facing spots. The driver has to be a top selection, one whos undergone extensive training and can perform police-style maneuvers in the case of evading attacks.

The extent of protection on The Beast seems to be no joke. Its doors allegedly weigh the same as those of an aircraft like the Boeing 757, while the five-inch thick bulletproof windows are believed to comprise at least five layers. Regarding other rumored details, the armor plating has a thickness of eight inches and the vehicle, as a whole, weighs a total of 20,000 lbs.!

Regarding on-board equipment, youd be surprised if you thought those tools flaunted in action films couldnt all be in one ride in real life. The Beasts trunk comes fully prepared for any extremes with shotguns, oxygen tanks, firefighting equipment, tear gas canisters, grenade launchers (only speculated) and even a cache of blood type that matches the presidents! Indeed, this limo isnt just some royal carriage. Its ready to do everything it can to guard the most powerful man in the U.S., if not the free world.

Are You Up For Buying A Used Tiguan For Sale In Kent?

What are some of the used cars you've purchased in the past? The last used car I bought was a Mazda 626, and right before that, it was a Nissan Maxima. I was told that foreign cars are sometimes better to buy used, but everyone has their own preferences. What do you think about Volkswagen? The Volkswagen Tiguan is a popular used vehicle. Have you searched to see if there is a used Tiguan for sale in Kent ?

If you're not familiar with the Tiguan, you need to take a look at the type of vehicle it is and if it would work for you and your family. This is a nice luxury vehicle if you ask me, but the only thing is new ones cost around 40 grand. That's right, so if you don't want to pay almost 40,000 'smackerooos' for a new vehicle, then you might want to see if you can find a used Tiguan in Kent.

If a vehicle costs that much brand new, you can bet that it's supposed to perform well for quite some time. You should be able to count on a used Tiguan for many years, and hopefully you can find one with low mileage. Are you wanting to buy one that is just a year or two old, or are you wanting to try and find one that is a few years older. I'm not certain what year they started making Tiguans. For example, if you wanted a five year old used vehicle, the Tiguan might not have been around then.

The 40,000 listing price for a new Volkswagen Tiguan was for a vehicle with all the upgrades of course. They do have new listings for these vehicles as low as 27,000. With new prices fluctuating like that between different models, you can bet it's going to pay off to look at the used prices closely as well. For example, I found one 2013 used Tiguan that is on sale for 26,000. That is a used Tiguan, but you can buy a new one for that price if you add 1,000 to the mix.

Of course, that 2013 Tiguan is probably one of the more luxurious models. I think that any of these vehicles used should be under 20,000. I'm looking at the listings just right quick on one site to see what I can find. First of all, I see Tiguans at this dealership going back as far as 2012. Now, these are certified pre-owned vehicles, and that is what you want to make sure you get your hands on by the way. Moreover, I'm starting to see listings in the 19,000 range.

As a matter of fact, I now see one used Tiguan from 2009 that is selling in the 12,000 range. There is also one from 2010 that is selling for under 11,000 dollars. So there you have it, you can buy a used Volkswagen Tiguan in Kent for anywhere from 11,000 on up to 27,000. It pays to look around!

Latest Hovercraft Materials

Like all vehicles, small hovercraft constructions can be separated into distinct categories, with sole aspects of them relating to two or more of these categories. Let's call them hull construction, skirt, engines, controls and fitments, just like any other mode of transport. Of course, the overall design scheme is to integrate these distinct systems into one whole unit that performs in the required manner - it must float and move forward carrying passengers in safety, easy to control and be economical to buy and run - a tall order!

How much is a personall hovercarft? Hovercraft prices have come down significantly because of constant development in each category and new ideas are appearing all the time. A major step forward occurred with the invention of new composite expanded plastic materials that enabled designers to incorporate new techniques to hull design. Traditionally, small ACV craft were built on glass fiver hulls, which were light and strong, but didn't react too well to shocks and bangs. Basically, they tend to split and are very difficult to repair properly. New plastic materials don't surrender their unit strength when one part of it is impacted by a rock, for example.

The skirt is another major design component and is the subject of much improvements at the present time. In the past, the skirt was fabricated with just one piece of material, and then fastened securely around the perimeter of the craft hull. The material used was often rubber based with interlacing cross layers of material. In other cases, rip-stop fabric was used similar to the sail cloth used on large sailing boats. One big drawback of using a one-piece design is that if the skirt is damaged, then it has to change out completely.

The latest skirt design have revolutionized the cost of damage by splitting it up into small sections. One company is using a for of Kevlar for this, which is extremely tough and durable. However, anything can get damaged in the right conditions. This company fastens the sections to the hull securely, but they are only fastened to it's neighboring section using cheap nylon tie-wraps. If one section is snagged, it simply breaks the tie-wraps. If it is damaged, then it's easily replaced by another section that can be carried in the spares cupboard. Modern small hovercraft hulls have a molded compartment to house the engines, either one or two, and a lid minimizes the noise while allowing maintenance access.