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A Look Into The Presidential Limousine

Limo One, arguably the worlds safest presidential limo, is no James Bond sci-fi fantasy. While its specs are not disclosed for security reasons, what can be said is how its got a pretty great deal of armor, equipment and prestige.

With Luxury Road Events, you get a little taste of how it is being driven around like the President of the United States. Their party buses may not be as armored as the presidential limo or equipped with the same gadgets, but they can provide complete safety and convenience for you, your family members and friends. Clients are treated with an unquestionable VIP service to events such as business meetings, corporate functions, formal events, wine tastings, brewery tours and more. It doesnt matter whether the need is for one person or a large group of guests. All requests can be accommodated.

American cars have been selected throughout history to transport the most important individual in the United States. A variety of them have been commissioned since the late 1930s, as implemented by the Federal Government. As for the current heavily armored vehicle, referred to by the Secret Service as The Beast, we know that it commenced service on January 20, 2009 in time for newly elected President Obama. General Motors handled the manufacturing, and its design was based on the previous limo during President Bushs time, the Cadillac DTS. Unlike its predecessor, however, this one doesnt carry a specific model name.

If you put a vehicle of standard production and The Beast side by side, theyre practically from two different planets. With regard to looks, its outward appearance does share a lot of current Cadillac styling themes, but its body displays a greatly modified version of the recent DTS-badged presidential cars. Its door handles, side mirrors and headlights all seem to have been sourced from the Escalade model, whereas its backup lights and taillights seem taken from the STS sedan.

A maximum of seven people can fit comfortably in Limo One, and at least three passengers are aboard at all times: Mr. President, the driver and the lead Secret Service protective agent. In the back, there are four additional seats, with one spot next to Mr. President and the other three being rearward-facing spots. The driver has to be a top selection, one whos undergone extensive training and can perform police-style maneuvers in the case of evading attacks.

The extent of protection on The Beast seems to be no joke. Its doors allegedly weigh the same as those of an aircraft like the Boeing 757, while the five-inch thick bulletproof windows are believed to comprise at least five layers. Regarding other rumored details, the armor plating has a thickness of eight inches and the vehicle, as a whole, weighs a total of 20,000 lbs.!

Regarding on-board equipment, youd be surprised if you thought those tools flaunted in action films couldnt all be in one ride in real life. The Beasts trunk comes fully prepared for any extremes with shotguns, oxygen tanks, firefighting equipment, tear gas canisters, grenade launchers (only speculated) and even a cache of blood type that matches the presidents! Indeed, this limo isnt just some royal carriage. Its ready to do everything it can to guard the most powerful man in the U.S., if not the free world.


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