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Weight Guidelines For Courier Vehicles

Same day courier service providers in the UK use volumetric weight to measure items which they receive from clients. Volumetric weight can be defined as the size measurement which is done by courier service providers to know how much an item weighs. Most Supersonic Sameday UK use length x width x depth divided by 5000. This is done to make sure that items that are bulky are charged properly.

Take a 1m square box weighing exactly 1kg; it would not be right to deliver that box at the same price as one that is 10cm square 1kg box because it will take up a lot of space in the van. Going back to calculating the depth, width and length

AS an example, if a parcel size is 50cm in length, 30cm in width and 50cm in height, it will be 50cm x 30cm x 50 = 75,000 / 5000 = 15kgs. Therefore if the actual weight of a particular parcel is 5kgs and the volumetric weight was 15kgs then the greater weight of 15kg will be used to determine the price.

Providing The Right Dimensions

The best way that clients can find out if a courier can take their item is to use the quote engine found on their websites and it will tell them if their item can be picked up and delivered. Another useful tip of finding out the weight of an item, especially if purchased online, is to check the item details. Items bought on places like Amazon will have dimensions and weight listed on them. UK courier service providers have a measurement guide and the price does vary depending on where the item is going. It is important for clients to provide courier service providers with an accurate description of their item as is possible in the quote engine to get the best price and avoid any extra weight.

Good Packaging Is Essential To Prevent Overloading

The most effective way to prevent overloading is through training. Drivers who work for UK courier service providers know the correct weight limits of all the vehicles they drive and are fully aware of how much the vehicle can carry safely to prevent fines or accidents whilst on route to their destinations. If a journey requires multi-drops, UK courier service providers make sure that their drivers are well trained in how to best redistribute the load. Most UK courier service providers even go as far as educating their customers on how to properly package their goods to help drivers lift heavy weights because if parcels or goods are not properly packaged, they can either cause damage in the rear of the van or even cause harm to driver lifting them.


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