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The Best Hovercraft Manufacturers

Deciding who are the best manufacturers and where to buy a hovercraft is a difficult question because the playing isn't level, as the English might say. For one thing, it depends on your budget and the purpose of you purchase. Someone looking for leisure hovercraft will have very different criteria when searching for hovercraft for sale than someone who wants an ACV for racing purposes. Another consideration quality. If your budget is a little tight, then you might forego some of the bells and whistles of the up-market models for a solid basic craft that just does what you want and is a bit spartan to the eye - more info

Not every manufacturer produce air cushioned craft specifically for racing, as it's quite a specialized field. The hull is normally very thin but lightweight and often fabricated from reinforced glass fiber. The downside is that this material splits, although it is very rigid, and is very light when compared to most plastics or an aluminium hull. Racing vehicles are stripped of all components that just aren't required to help the machine goes faster, for that is it's purpose! It will certainly hug the ground, and so the skirt may be less substantial than most other smaller craft.

Although safety is a consideration, speed is the first priority as sportsmen generally accept a certain level of danger as part and parcel of their particular sport. Leisure hovercraft, however, are a different kettle of fish. Although they can clip along at up to 40 kph, speed is not their prime function. These babies are designed for adults and kids to have fun by skipping very the surface of terra firma, lake or sea, but in total safety, which makes complete sense for a family man taking his kids out for an exciting ride in something completely different.

The answer is therefore 'it depends on what you want it for'! It's highly probable that the number of leisure type personal hovercraft on the market far outnumbers the racing variety, so there's an amazing amount of choice with wide options to suit your budget. There's even a company based in Brazil called Hovery who market an inflatable model that packs away in the trunk of a car and takes just 15 minutes to get up and running. Options include one or two engines, depending on the number of passengers, and you can even buy one with an electric motor which is the way to go for our planet.


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