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Typical Car Repair Services

Automobiles of all years, makes, and designs typically require the same level of service to remain functional and safe throughout every mile so it's no surprise that these services are ranked as the top auto repair services.

Oil Change and Oil Filter Replacement

Every vehicle needs regular consistent oil change service to increase the efficiency and life expectancy of your vehicle so it's no surprise that this service is the most typical service. An oil and filter change is the most common car repair service you can do to keep your vehicle operating efficiently.

Windshield Wipers and Fluid

During routine car evaluations, your auto technician will examine the stability of your windscreen wipers and let you know if they require replacement. A check and fill-up of your windshield washer fluid will further prepare you to take a trip through bad climate conditions.

Air and Cabin Filter Replacement

Participating in regular maintenance appointments offers your specialists a possibility to inspect and replace your engine and cabin air filters. The replacement of these parts enables you and your vehicle to breathe much easier on the road.

Scheduled Maintenance Service

By coming in for this service on schedule, you can help your vehicle preserve its performance, and safety characteristics. If you're not sure what your vehicle's upkeep schedule is, work with your regular mechanic.

Tire Replacement

Since tires are your vehicle's only contact point with the roadway, it's definitely in your benefit to replace them before extreme wear or damage takes place. Your auto service technician will examine your tread depth and help you determine the very best replacement interval for your tires.

Battery Replacement

Rusted or old car batteries tend to start triggering problems for your vehicle, particularly when you are trying to get it started. Battery maintenance and replacement services, as suggested by your service technician, can help prevent these troublesome problems altogether.

Brake Repair

Your brake rotors, pads, drums, and shoes require to be in top condition if they're going to quickly stop your vehicle in case of an emergency situation. This discusses why Brake Repair was put in 7th place on the list.

Coolant System Services

Your engine oil can't help properly cool moving parts without help from an efficient cooling system that's complemented with brand-new coolant. Throughout regular examinations your routine service technician will inspect your vehicle for signs of a problem with the cooling system components, such as the water pump, thermostat, and radiator, to prevent problems before they start.

Wheel Balance and Rotation

A wheel balance and rotation service prevents the need for tire replacement well before the listed mileage score. Your relied on car repair professional will assist you figure out the best service interval for this important vehicle repair task.

Set Up Your Car Repair Service Appointment Today

Trustworthy auto repair shops constantly strive to partner with vehicle owners to carry out these essential set up maintenance and repair jobs needed for the maintenance of automobiles, trucks, vans, and SUVs. With this partnership, you can keep your vehicle in exceptional condition without having to stress over the need for unexpected repair and maintenance. To achieve this level of peace of mind for yourself, partner with the team at Mobile Mechanic Pros Pittsburgh for the complete care of your car. You can schedule your service appointment by giving us a call at (412) 448-2454.


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